Al-Merghani forms committee to negotiate with National Congress

The Chairman of the Democratic Unionist Party - the Original -, Mohamed Osman Al-Merghani has formed a committee for communicating with other political parties from which emanated a special subcommittee assigned to negotiate with the National Congress Party over arrangements of the new stage for the country.
The subcommittee comprises Hatim Al-Sir, Ahmed Saad Omer, Al-Fatih Tajal-Sir, Jaafer Ahmed Abdalla, Hassan Mohammed Masad, Magzoub Abu Musa and Al-Khalifa Abdul-Majeed Abdul-Rahim.
A press release issued by the Office of the Chairman of DUP said the committee sworn-in before the Chairman of the Party in Cairo and received directives of the dialogue that based on commitment with the party constitution.
Rapporteur of the Committee, Hatim Al-Sir said Al-Merghani expressed his confidence in the committee to realize positive outcome and that there is no choice before the all save dialogue and work for building the future.

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