First Vice-President Addresses Inauguration of the 27th School Tournament

The First Vice-President of the Republic, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, has lauded the teachers and students who are participating in the 27th School Tournament in Kosti city, the White Nile State.
Addressing the inauguration of the School Festival Sunday at Kosti Stadium, the First Vice - President said that it is fortunate that the 27th School Tournament coincided with the 61st anniversary of Sudan Independence.
He said that the Aba Island in the White Nile State was the first scene of the Mahdism Revolution victories.
Lt. Gen. Salih has praised the role of the White Nile State's citizens like Prof. Al-Tigani Al-Mahi, Bashir Al-Nefaidi, Bashir Mohamed Ali, Yousif Habani, Al-Tigani Mohamed Ibrahim, Khali Osman and others.
He congratulated the Sudanese people and the citizens of the White Nile on the launching of the school tournament and the start of the implementation o the national dialogue outcome.
He said that the era of fighting has ended and that concern will be given to the re-building and development.
He indicated that the students participating in the current School Tournament are expected to present real innovations and fair competition in the fields of culture and sports in the coming days.

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