Assistant of the President Receives Message from Thabo Mbeki

Assistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, has received a verbal message from the Chairperson of the High-Level African Mechanism, Thabo Mbeki, dealing with the political situation and progress of the negotiations with the Armed Movements.
The message was conveyed to the Assistant of the President by the African Union Ambassador to Khartoum, Mahmoud Kan.
Engineer Mahmoud has affirmed the full commitment and readiness of Sudan government to sign agreement on the cessation of hostilities and inclusive ceasefire as well the arrival of humanitarian aid, according to the proposal which was reached with the American administration.
He stressed that the rebellion forces at the two areas shall stick to wisdom and refrain from attacking and killing people, referring to the recent crime of the movement of killing to seven children of the herdsmen in cold blood and the looting of thousands of heads cattle.
He stressed that the government will never allow committing of such crimes against the citizens.
He also referred to the condemnation of the international community and the United States to the movement's assassination of 47 citizens while they were performing the Morning Prayer a year ago and a crime before that in Abu-Kashola area.
The Assistant of the Republic has called for the stoppage of such crimes, otherwise the government will live up to its role in protecting the lives and properties of the citizens.

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