Hassabo Chairs Meeting for Discussing Agenda of Sustainable Development 2030

Vice-President of the Republic, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, Thursday chaired at the Republican Palace a meeting assigned to discuss the agenda for realizing sustainable development by advent of the year 2030, in presence of representatives of a number of ministries and concerned institutions.
In a press statement, the Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Mashaer Al-Dawalab, said that the meeting has discussed the preparations for a meeting of the high-level mechanism which is concerned with sustainable development goals for launching the national program for sustainable development.
She indicated that the meeting has discussed the major references of the sustainable development program, top of them are the National Dialogue Document, the 25-year strategy, the African Strategy 2063.
She said that the meeting underscored importance of the roles of Secretariat General for Strategic Planning and the Central Statistic Organ with regard to linking the plan and executive programs with the indicators.
Al-Dawalab pointed out that the meeting also touched on the role of the Ministry of Finance in funding the sustainable development goals in the coming period and implementing outcome of the international conference for funding the sustainable development goals.
She said that the meeting has underscored importance of the role of the National Population Fund and the Ministry of the Welfare and Social Security regarding the good coordination for holding the meeting of the mechanism and launching the national sustainable development program.

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