Hamid: Northern State is Minaret of Knowledge and Obtains Requirements of Renaissance

Assistant of the President of the Republic, Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid, has affirmed the keenness to realize the renaissance of the Northern State and to render it a method of development, stressing that the Northern State is a minaret of knowledge and obtains the requirements for renaissance depending on the energies of its own people.
Addressing Saturday evening at the Friendship Hall the second meeting of the higher committee for development of the Northern State, Engineer Hamid said that the citizens of the state have given considerable efforts in the national work and capable of establishing institutions and programs for development of their state.
He indicated that the Northern State has started to motivate the energies and resources of its citizens, emphasizing that the establishment of structures like roads, dam and electricity and communication facilities and paving the way for investment represent the basis for achieving renaissance.
He said that Sudan has realized various accomplishments despite the embargo, the economic blockade and the internal problems.
He indicated that Merowe Dam and Shiryan Al-Shamal are among the major development projects in the Northern State.
The Assistant of the President of the Republic has called on the Northern State to legalize the possession of lands and to reduce the taxes and customs fees with the aim to attract the local and foreign investments.
He affirmed the importance of establishing producers' societies for enhancing the productivity.
Meanwhile, the Wali (governor) of the Northern State, Engineer Ali Al-Awad, has highlighted on the accomplishments of his government, especially in the education field, referring to the excellent results achieved by the state in the basic certificate exams in the current academic year.
He announced that the Northern State will inaugurate centers for the treatment of cancer and diabetes, in addition to the specialized hospital in Merowe city.

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