Al-Bashir: Government will not leave any spot of its Land outside of the state's control

President of the Republic and Chairman of the National Congress, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, affirmed that the government will not leave any spot of land beyond the state's control and will keep security and stability country-wide.
Addressing the conclusion of the reactivation conference of the National Congress of Khartoum State at the exhibitions Area in Burri Sunday, President Al-Bashir has reiterated call on the remaining armed movements to abandon rebellion and to join the accord and peace process.
He said that all the 116 parties and armed movements that have participated in the national dialogue will be included in the national accord government, adding that the participation in government following elections of the year 2020 will be according to the parties' political weight.
President Al-Bashir stressed that the Sudanese people have willingly and with confidence on that National Congress capabilities taken part in the national dialogue, affirming that no circle in the world can practice pressure on Sudan.
He announced that the coming stage will witness more openness in the level of Sudan foreign relations.
He pointed out that Sudan is enjoying excellent relations with the Arab, African and Asian countries, adding that Sudan relations with the west are progressing well.

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