Newspaper Headlines issued Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:

Minister of Finance from Washington: Indications to lift US sanctions permanently
Badria Suleiman threatens to sue those who accuse her of forgery
PCP calls on the president not to sign the annex to the constitutional amendments
Arab countries call on the World Bank to forgive the debts of Sudan


Badria Suleiman threatens to sue the Popular Congress Party
Burtum accuses government agencies of covering up Comon's corruption
Union of Journalists Calls for the Expulsion of Representatives of the Egyptian Press
Health: High incidence of malaria


The Umma Party questions Mubarak's qualification and accuses him of sedition
Angelina Jolie is the heroine  of a film about Sudan's civilization with Qatari fund

Sudan Vision:

An American company announces its desire to enter the mining field in the country
Albashir praises Qatar's role in bringing peace to Darfur
Major US shipping companies to resume operations in Sudan next week
Minister of Finance: Indicators for the permanent lifting of sanctions on Sudan

Akhir Lahza:

Parliament passes constitutional amendments and Badri threatens to resort to justice

Alrai Alaam:

Journalists Union directs journalists not to travel to Egypt and rejects any media charter
A Qatari delegation in Sudan to produce a film (from here begins history) under the guidance of Sheikha Moza


Minister of Finance: Indicators to lift US sanctions definitively
Journalist Iman Kamal El Din reveals the full details of her arrest at Cairo airport and her return to the country
Parliament asks the President to review wages and pensions


Union of Journalists calls for the expulsion of representatives of Egyptian press organizations
Health: wasting resources to combat malaria and high rate of infection
Minister of Finance: Indicators for the permanent lifting of US sanctions in July


An Egyptian plan to destroy livestock aborted
Union of Journalists asks to expel representatives of Egyptian press institutions

Almegher Alsyiasi:

12 foreigners arrested running a shisha cafe for girls
The Parliament approves the constitutional amendments in its final form
Health: A million and (200) thousand cases of malaria in the country

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