Newspapers Published in Khartoum, Thursday, January 19, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:

Assistant to the President: Sudan Call Alliance are disoriented in Paris and do not rejoice at their affliction.
Trump promised his constituents by making Sudan the largest market for US products
Almahdi responses from Paris on  the statements of Dr. Nafie
The government criticize SPLM-N for refusing the US proposal


Mirghani: We aspire for a larger proportion in the government."
Mahdi: Ending the sanctions contribute in pushing the road map

Sudan Vision:

The World Bank promise to attract funds for development projects in Sudan
Security service arrest the largest network to smuggle subsidized medicines out of the country
The central bank receives some requests from third parties to open branches in Sudan

US official expects more business transactions with Sudan
Central announce bids for private sector financing
NCP: Formation of the government is delayed for further discussion and understandings


NCP: SPLM-N uses humanitarian affairs unethically
Albashir to Saudi Arabia next Sunday
Auditor General: financial excesses in the zakaat of the Gezira
Almahdi rejects any bilateral agreement with the government


Government: An increase in domestic air fares
King of Morocco in Juba tomorrow and Khartoum doubled scholarships for students of S. Sudan


General Taha thanks Emirates for their role in the lifting of sanctions
US embassy expects more transactions with Sudan

Akhir Lahza:

Reduce the Ministers of State from 41 to 20 ministers


We will continue with Trump administration to normalize relations with the United States
Hassan Merghani: Those who resort to rage are owners for personal purposes

Alrai Alaam:

A committee to study the constitutional amendments

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