Newspaper Headlines Published in Khartoum, Thursday, March 23, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:

Foreign Affairs Ministry questions the commitment of the Egyptian media and says: either direct negotiation  or arbitration to solve the problem Halayeb
Chinese Ambassador reveals important information on new Chinese projects in Sudan
Tunisian Prime Minister arrives in the country and meets Albashir and Sudanese-Tunisian talks on economic and political cooperation between the two countries


Ghandour: Documents proving Halayeb is a Sudanese territory exist
Khartoum prohibits carrying white weapons in public places
3 million pounds from Cardinal and 500 thousand pounds from Wadah and farm from al Mahdi to the Children's Cancer Hospital

Sudan Vision:

World Bank: Sudan will become rich country after lifting the sanctions
210 complains and 372 accused in human trafficking cases
A leader in National Umma Party: Egypt behind the imposition of economic sanctions on Sudan

Alrai Alaam:

Ghandour: Sudan's relationship with Egypt is very special and we reject the abuse
Albashir and the Tunisian Prime Minister hold joint talks


Egyptian newspapers continue to attack Sudan and Ghandour accuse parties of straining relations
The head of the certificate examination center in Damar relieved and demanding the dismissal of the Minister of Education
The Darfur Special Court sentenced 9 suspects to death
The Presidency: Government announcement within days

Akhir Lahza:

Parliament: We will not accept the mistakes of al Turabi in the constitutional amendments
Health reveals 160,000 cases of cancer

Almegher Alsyasy:

Liberation Council of SPLM-N withdraws confidence from Arman and dissolves the negotiating delegation
Education confirms that no student is not allowed to sit for the exam because of the national number


An attack on trucks in Khartoum - Port Sudan Road
Ghandour: Parties are working to strain the relationship between Khartoum and Cairo


The electricity increased by 1600% for factories
Ghazi: The power in the hands of individuals
Parliament Speaker: al Turabi made a mistake in using words with constitutional amendments


Egyptian warplanes fly over Halayeb
Cancellation of the post of Prosecutor

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