Newspapers Headlines Published in Khartoum, Sunday, February 19, 2017

Akhbar Alyoum:
Observers: SPLM-N carried out the assassination of children in Alhugeirat  to provoke the military in the region
Minister of Agriculture reveals exciting secrets about the seedlings of Amtar and explains the reasons for the delayed decision of uprooting.  
A delegation of American businessmen to visit Khartoum next month
Gosh calls for an intellectual project to accommodate internal, regional and International changes
Widespread condemnation of the lack of SPLM-N commitment to the ceasefire in South Kordofan
Albashir and Mohammed bin Zayed discuss coordination to fight terrorism
NCP: The government of the accord to last for three years
Ishraga dismissed from the Unionist Party and formation of a permanent  committee of accounting.
Minister of Agriculture: The palms of the UAE are safe and we were likely intrigued   
Sudan Vision:
Sudan appreciates the role of the US administration to achieve peace in the two regions  
Troika renews its support for African Mechanism led by Mbeki
Minister of Agriculture: 150 million pounds of palm seedlings losses
Sudan and UAE negotiate in Abu Dhabi
Akhir Lahza:
Foreigners went out in a demonstration in Khartoum expelled  
Minister of Agriculture: A conspiracy behind the import of the seedlings in the Northern Area
Albashir and Mohammed bin Zayed discuss coordination of the fight against terrorism
Almegher Alsiasy:
Maulana Almirghani: the convening of a general conference of Unionist Party the Origin is illegal  
Separation glow and a group (Bilal) leads march for Alintibaha
Muslim Scholars of Sudan reject the proposed freedoms and warns
Serious information about the Hugeirat incident  
Minister of Agriculture: I do not rule out a conspiracy  and we lost 15 million pounds due to uprooting the seedlings
The son of Sheikh Abu Zeid and his wife killed in ISIL ranks in Libya  
Sudan Muslim Scular calls to stand up against some of the constitutional amendments
US Coast Guard to visit Port Sudan tomorrow to discuss the safety and security of ports

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