Newspaper Headlines Published in Khartoum, Saturday, May 13, 2017


US Administration: Sudan has fulfilled the conditions of lifting sanctions permanently
Albashir: The government has a great challenge
World Bank: Sudan advances in gold production in Africa

Khbar Alyoum:

US intelligence pleads for Sudan to Congress
Wide reactions to the announcement of the formation of the National Accord Government
Albashir: The Sudanese political process entered a new stage with the formation of the National Accord Government

Sudan Vision:

Experts and analysts describe the formation of the government as an important step towards the stability of the country
Parliament demands independent human rights expert to support government efforts
Albashir to attend US Islamic summit in Riyadh
UN warns of deteriorating security situation in South Sudan


A report by the CIA affirms Sudan's compliance with the terms of lifting the sanctions
L.G. Taha is a state minister
Unionist Leader: Al Hassan Group manipulated the decisions of Al Merghani

Akhir Lahza:

Washington: Sanctions on Sudan will be lifted this summer

Almegher Alsyasy:

US intelligence director withdraws Sudan from state sponsors of terrorism
World Bank: Sudan is the third gold producer in Africa

Alrai Alaam:

Albashir: We are reassured by the government's homogeneity
Absence of Hassan al-Mirghani and withdrawal of the Minister of Justice from the performance of the oath


US intelligence: Sudan has fulfilled the conditions of lifting sanctions


Albashir: Citizens look forward to a government with great expectations
Darfur movements split between Salva Kiir, Malong and military mobilization of both sides


Albashir: The government is broad, but its ministers are in the interest of the nation


The CIA: Khartoum fulfilled a set of conditions paving the way for lifting the sanctions

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